Monday, July 29, 2013

Bak Kung Kbbq in Koreatown

3700 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 734-9292
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My fellow yelpers totally hyped this place up for me(I'm talking about you James S. Jen H. Bridget P. Tiffany D!) Everyone raved about the place. So my friend Sam C. and I decided to come visit. We managed to drag my little cousin Dorothy X. along too. When I looked it up, this restaurant is definitely on the outskirts of Ktown. Normally I would have doubts, but the hype was too much set any skepticism in my head.

We came on a Saturday, arrived at 12 on the dot. There was no one else there. Never seen a KBBQ joint so empty. Parking was free when we arrived. Saw the valet booth stand hidden on the side. But since it is the outskirts of Ktown, you should have absolutely no issues finding street parking.

The food:
The thing that makes Bak kung(BK) stand out is it's cheap AYCE lunch menu, the usage of real charcoal, and the variety they have on the limited menu(the cheaper one).
-The ban chan was ok. I liked the kimchi, the picked daikons were a good touch, pancake was a bit on the week side. Nothing extravagant. It's $11 AYCE KBBQ for lunch, can't really complaint.
-The meats were great! We got the cheapest AYCE lunch special. It was only $11.
What was available: 
+ Beef Brisket
+ Bak Kung Sauce Pork Belly
+ Plain Pork Belly
+ Pepper Paste Marinated Pork Belly
+ BBQ Beef Bulgogi
+ BBQ Chicken Bulgogi
+ Spicy Marinated Chicken
We only got beef brisket, 3 type of pork belly, and beef bulgogi. Normally cheap $10ish KBBQ doesn't get this fancy. But the BK sauce pork belly was good, pepper paste pork belly was interesting, it was a bit sweet. Beef bulgogi was good if you enjoy that marinated meat. 

The service was great. Not sure if it's because there weren't too many people or it's just that awesome. We almost didn't have to ask to change the grill. The lady just automatically came out with a grill and changed it. That's super good service at a KBBQ place.

I've got to come back again and take advantage of that soju special. I heard it's pretty cheap! I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have kimchi bean sprout during lunch. The ahjumma told us that they'll have it for dinner. So next time I'm coming back for dinner! And of course, we did bring out the camera and was able to shoot a quick video for you all. Check the link below, make sure to follow us on youtube if you want to see more. Tell us some places we should cover in the comment section!

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