Thursday, September 26, 2013

LA Beer Week 2013: Smog City Brewing Co

Continuing our journey on beer week, next week stopped by
Smog City Brewing Co
1901 Del Amo Blvd Ste. B
Torrance, CA 90501

Well known for their coffee porter, Smog City is quickly becoming one of the up and coming local brewers. We were delighted that they had such a wide variety of beers on tap. Samples are $2-$3 and $6 for a pint. They had 10 beers total when we visited them. Our favorite was the Amarilla Gorilla IPA. Your typical hoppy, mildly bitter west coast IPA. The beer that caught us by surprise was the weird beer. It was fruity and complex. We didn't know what to think of it. We also tried one of their sour beers, it was peach flavor. Not like the one we had at Strand. This one had it's tart notes without having a fermented, cheesy, nutty aroma.Their LA Beer Week beer is the Hive five, so make sure you give that a try and let us know how you liked Smog City.

Very interesting beers, definitely gotta try them all. Just make sure you pace yourself. Some of those beers are delicious but high slight higher in alcohol content. Thanks for checking us out, make sure to subscribe on youtube for more videos.

Our photos:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LA Beer Week 2013: Strand Brewing

So it's beer week in Los Angeles, and the nice folks at LABW created this week to celebrate and promote the wonderful establishments in the LA & OC area. We've made a few video to celebrate this occasion.

Our first stop was Strand Brewing Co.
Address: 23520 Telo Ave, Torrance, CA 90505
Phone:(310) 517-090
Not the easiest place to find, but if you follow our guide on the video, you shouldn't have a
problem! They had 4 on tap, I failed to mention the last on the video. The rest of their line
up is available in bottles.
1. Light house, summer ale, exactly what you would crave from a summery day at the
beach or something. It light and easy to drink.
2. 24th Street Pale ale, strong notes of the hops. Nice amber color, very balanced pale ale.
3. Atticus IPA, this one was more fruity than hoppy. Not very bitter, so if you like IPA,
but can't handle high IBU beers, this one is perfect.
4. "Cherry Blossom" Saison/farmhouse ale, very strong nutty, cheesy flavors. I can taste
every hour that's been aged. It's a sour beer. Not the best I've had, but I don't drink much

Hope you enjoy our contribution to LA beer week. Make sure to subscribe for more videos. 
Until next time cheers!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ramen yokocho festival

Torrance Cultural Arts Center
 3300 Civic Center Dr
Torrance, CA 90503

Invited to Ramen Yokocho Fest by Weekly Lalala to do a video about this event. Thought it was a great idea. I knew it was going to be crowded. Luckily, we had the press passes, so we didn't have to wait too long in line. The line to get in is no joke, but they had to do it for crowd control. We walked around first, scooped out the ticket booths and ramen booths. The ticket booth on the other side had no line. So we didn't have to wait to buy tickets(food and drink vouchers). 

Got 2 tickets($8), so we tried Orenchi Ramen from San Jose. Their soup was a fatty creamy rich broth. The noodles were thick and chewy. A bit on the salty side, but over all a very tasty ramen. Second place we tried was Iroha. They served a Spicy Mapo Ramen. It's said to have won 3 championships on the Tokyo Ramen Show. And it's the work of owner Kurihara and Iron Chef Chen Kenichi. The ramen wasn't as good as we thought. The spicy was very overpowering. Tasted very 2 dimension. Just spicy and savory. 

Overall, the staff did a pretty decent job keeping this event contained. Hope the crazy turn out would get them a bigger venue as 626 Night Market has done. My other complaint about this even was that the price. $8 for a half/mini bowl size ramen is a bit overboard. Definitely not bang for the buck value at this event. On the other hand, the free entry and parking was a plus.  Thank you for checking out our video and hope to see you at the next one.