Thursday, October 3, 2013

Santouka Ramen in Torrance

  Santouka Ramen

 Mitsuwa Market Pl
21515 Western Ave

Torrance, CA 90501
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Ironically, came here after the Ramen Yokocho festival in Torrance because we couldn't fill our bellies with over priced $8 mini sized ramens at the festival. But that event totally incepted(as in inception)  us with the idea of wanting to eat more ramen. Been meaning to come back to Santouka, and I remembered there was on nearby in Torrance. So that's how we ended up here.

Giving Santouka 5 stars for their Spicy miso ramen. I've had a spicy miso ramen at other places, and thus far, none were anywhere close to the magnitude of Santouka's. The spiciness does not over power the umami-ness of the delightful broth. Good balance, good sides in the bowl like chashu and other goodies. Best spicy miso ramen period. 

Had their natto bowl on the side. Not a lot of people like natto because it's fermented. But I enjoy it very much. It's not really seasoned. So maybe a little salt or soy sauce could kick it up a notch? The fermented taste is very subtle, so don't add to much seasoning if you enjoy the aroma of natto. 

My combo was about $12-13. It's not bad at all as far as value. We were the only ones that had the idea from Ramen yokocho fest. We saw some others that also came here after the event.ramen

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